Go-to tools to make you more productive at your remote job while you’re traveling the world

Being a digital nomad is something that makes many young professionals today almost as jealous as owning a big house or an expensive car did about 10 years ago. But the importance of owning stuff has become minuscule for most millennials while the need for time and location independence has become a new priority. A more mystified notion, however, is — how do I become a working nomad and see more of the world while still making a living. Whatever your skill or profession, as long as it doesn’t require you to be in one location all the time, you too, can do it. Once you’ve decided to take up the exhilarating, but equally challenging lifestyle, there are many tools you can leverage so you don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to the quality of your work or the amount of money you spend or earn. Here are some of my favourites.

1. Find a challenge with Jobbatical

In case you are not self-employed, or simply do not think your regular 9–5 office job can be miraculously transformed into an adventurous remote gig, check out Jobbatical. This nifty little platform offers short-term professional opportunities from around the world for people who are tired of their current lifestyles, want to travel but at the same time still challenge themselves professionally. These gigs are called “jobbaticals” (job + sabbatical). If you feel like you need a change, want to explore new destinations and do it all while still engaging in exciting projects, this is the tool for achieving it.

2. Go there with Teleport

So, you know what you want to do, and you have a remote arrangement you’re happy with. But where on earth should I do it, you ask? Worry no more, Teleport has the answer. It’s a mystery how they do it, but based on your professional and personal preferences, Teleport will match you with cities worldwide that are most suitable for you. They will also tell you how much it would cost you to move there, what your potential salary could be, or even how good (or bad) the internet connection and startup scene will be in your chosen city. Imagine how much money and potential disappointment you can save with letting an algorithm do this job for you before you even take off? Kudos, Teleport.

3. Outsource parts of your work with UpWork

You made it! You’re now working from a bungalow on a beach in Zanzibar, from a yoga retreat in Bali, or in some quaint little coffee shop in Berlin. But you also want to explore. All work and no play is not why you traveled all this way. It’s only natural your work will sometimes take a back seat while you’re enjoying a new destination. It’s actually a well-known secret that you can still make money while not doing any work. The best way to do it is to outsource parts of your work, and pay less for it than you actually make within the same timeframe. Try UpWork and hire designers, virtual assistant, developers or copywriters to help you out with tasks you can afford and trust to relocate to someone else. You’ll pay a lot less than you earn and who knows, maybe even get some tasks done a little better and quicker than you yourself could. Delegate your way to the top…or to the beach.

4. Stay on top of your research with Candy

Traveling and working from a different environment than the usual office is inspiring and it motivates us to learn more about our surroundings, find a deeper meaning in things as well as explore new concepts. Both personally and professionally. You will come across fascinating people, intriguing ideas and you will be experiencing things that will baffle you. This will motivate you to learn more about each experience and explore every idea even further. Candy helps you store all your research in a visually appealing format which you can access anytime, anywhere, even when offline. As a content creator and marketer, I have found Candy especially useful when doing research for an article or learning about a new company I’ll be working for or a topic I will be covering. The last thing you want while being a digital nomad is information overload, clutter and bits and pieces of incomplete information. You can’t possibly remember everything you come across. Candy simply organises your thoughts and helps you make sense of the information you’re currently dealing with — be it personal or professional.

5. Keep in touch with Slack

Even when relocating or temporarily traveling to a distant land for working purposes, it doesn’t mean you all of a sudden want to become a caveman totally cut off from the rest of the professional world. But if that’s what rocks your boat, it’s also totally fine. Whether you’re working for a client or within a remote team, communication is always key to delivering excellent results. I think it goes without saying that it doesn’t get any better than Slack, when it comes to real-time messaging and collaborations. And with the new video chat feature, who needs face-to-face interaction anyway?

There you have it. There’s probably hundreds of more tools that can make you more productive as a digital nomad, but these are some of my favourites. Safe travels!

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