Attract Business Travelers to Your Vacation Rental

Business travelers are significantly different from typical vacationers for a number of reasons. They aren’t coming to relax and enjoy the surrounding area. They’re usually not as restricted in terms of budget. They are looking for a place that’s accommodating, easily accessible, and has important features like parking, wifi, and more. If you’re 5 miles up a winding mountain road, business travelers are probably not a group you want to target. But if you’re near the heart of town, or within driving distance of larger companies and developed areas, then read on to learn how you can be making more money by targeting business travelers with your vacation rental.

Provide as many hotel amenities as possible

Those who travel for business are probably used to the comforts of a hotel: room service, daily cleaning, toiletries, and more. While you can’t provide all of these things in a vacation rental, you can provide a lot of them. First, make sure to have toiletries available for use. Business travelers are usually not checking luggage, so having shampoo, conditioner, etc for them to use is essential. You’ll also want to ensure that the bedding is high-quality (comparable to a hotel), and of course that the rental is impeccably clean. Most people hire a cleaning service in between guests, but if you plan to host business travelers for at least a few nights, consider having a service in to clean while they are still there.

Create a workspace

Another service business travelers are used to is a hotel business center where they can print, make calls, and use desktop computers. In today’s day and age, we’re certain they’ll be traveling with a laptop and cell phone, but if you have a home office consider tidying it up for guests. Above all, a printer will make a vacation rental much more appealing to a business traveler. Finally (and we hope this goes without saying), but investing in fast WiFi is necessary. There is nothing more essential to a guest traveling for work.

Use promotions

Offering a “business discount” might seem costly, but it will create loyalty and help you in the long run. Consider offering four nights for the cost of three to encourage your business guests to get a day of relaxing: every hard worker deserves a day of fun, right? Market it that way! Consider branding as a “Business Travelers’ Club” so that guests know you’re accommodating of those traveling for work. With this branding and a business discount promotion, you can build a loyal client base of people who travel often for work and appreciate the amenities you can offer them.

Make an invoice

This small touch will go a long way. While some rental companies will email guests a receipt, you might want to create a more business-like invoice for your guests to return with. Not only will it keep their bosses happy, it will allow you to be more familiar with the tax and financial aspects of running a vacation rental business!

Make parking easy

When you’re on vacation, it’s no big deal to have to walk a few blocks to a bus stop or a paid parking lot. After all, exploring new places is fun. But not when you’ve got early meetings to get to and clients to visit. Business travelers want to be able to step outside and right into a rental car, so make sure you have accessible parking options. If you’re in a city, consider paying for a parking spot and including that in rent. Your guests will feel like they’re getting something extra!

It’s all about the little things

Some of the best vacation rental experiences we’ve had are those where an extra surprise awaits: a bottle of local wine on the counter, or a new box of breakfast cereal with milk just for our stay. It’s a small touch that goes a long way because it makes your guest feel really special. They’re more likely to leave a great review, and even more likely to come back. Plus, a kind gesture like one of these will make the vacation rental experience stand out.

List everywhere

As always, your rental is easiest to find when it’s listed on as many sites as possible. Use AirBnB, HomeAway, RentalSpot, VRBO, and more to ensure that any business traveler who’s looking for a vacation rental in the area will have quick access to yours.

Remember, the most important part about making your space more marketable to business travelers is making everything easy. Easy to park, easy to shower, easy to sleep, etc.

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