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5 Tips For Better Hosting in 2017

By Keegan Olson — Host’d

Hosting through AirBnB & VRBO is a great way to generate side income and at a time when the sharing economy is flourishing, there has never been a better time to become a host. While not inherently difficult, hosting can be challenging for those new to the trade. Following these tips can help improve your ratings and ensure a smooth process for you as a host.

Designated & Labeled Guest Space in Fridge

Becoming a host means committing yourself to sharing your space. Without clear guidelines, guests can feel awkward or invasive when they have to clarify what is acceptable for their use and what is not. One area many guests need help with, is the fridge. Alleviate any confusion by creating a guest only space and clearly labeling it within your fridge.

Create a List of Your Favorite Local Spots

As a host, you are a key representative of your city. Perhaps the best part of traveling through home-sharing is the ability to stay like a local and gain key insights into the region. The easiest way to help your guests develop an itinerary, is to create a list of your favorite restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and sites. Your guests will greatly appreciate you saving them time by being able to quickly point them in the right direction.

Have a Printed Map of Your Neighborhood

To take your list one step further, print a large map of your neighborhood. Place markers identifying all the locations mentioned in your list. Finally, be sure to laminate the map to prolong its life!

Place Glasses & Mugs in Room

After a long day of traveling, many guests will be looking forward to relaxing in the room you’ve provided. Give your guests the ability to relax uninhibited by placing drink ware in the room — it seems like a small thing, but all the small gestures add up to something spectacular.

Prepare a Quick Tour of the House & Accessible Spaces

To truly create an amazing experience, practice welcoming guests into your home. Develop a mental plan and stick with it; as you welcome guests, be sure to point out locations of important necessities. Spend plenty of time in the kitchen area and be sure guests know where the trash is located.

Making guests feel at home, is the easiest way to great ratings and flawless stays!

This post was contributed by Host’d, a Denver-based company focused on creating amazing experiences in the short-term-vacation rental world.